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Updated: Jul 18, 2018

A transition is an in-between period. You know you can’t go back to where you’ve been but you’re not quite sure which way forward. People go through life transitions for a variety of reasons, whether it’s a new baby, change in career or job role, life stage change, empty nest, illness, or relocation.

Over a span of over 3 decades, Dr. J Robert Clinton of Fuller Seminary and his associates researched over 30,000 Christian leaders and their spouses as well as analyzed leaders in the Bible to map out their lives into 6 developmental stages. They discovered that only 1/3 of them finished well at the end of their lives. Most faltered during major transitions and fell out of the race. Almost all who finished well had the help of a mentor or coach figure in their lives. These mentors / coaches came alongside to help those in transition gain clarity on where to go and what to do next.

We also experienced a major transition after our second child graduated from high school and we had to leave China after 10 years of extremely fruitful ministry. We were totally burned out. Hiring a life coach who helped us to plan our sabbatical year was the biggest blessing for us to weather this difficult time period. We have since moved forward and desire to help more couples who are entering or experiencing all the bewilderment, discouragement, confusion, and even disillusionment of that stage. Through our regular coaching or transitions series coaching, we desire to facilitate our clients’ processing of their own life journeys to gain clarity and hope for the future. We want our clients to finish well.

Are you going through transition, or about to face transition? We might be able to help! As people who have experienced all the feelings through the various stages of the transition, we are well familiar with the terrain. Contact us if you are interested in exploring a coaching series around this topic.

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