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In our 35+ years of marriage, we have raised three sons, lived and worked in three countries, traveled to over 100 cities, and spent over half of our lives outside of North America. We became Christians at MIT and met in our senior year. We have served in Chinese American churches in Boston and Los Angeles in various leadership capacities including worship, youth, college, young adults, training and prayer ministry. Our mission trips have taken us to Mexico, Middle East, China and India. We published three books and taught parenting, stewardship, & all kinds of other classes together. We were interviewed on radio and TV programs and spoke at numerous conferences to thousands of people. As a family, we served together at orphanages, taught English to Tibetan minorities and led worship as a family band.


We are explorers at heart, and love an adventure, from camping by the Great Wall, to rafting down the rapids in Bali, or learning Vietnamese cooking in Hoi An. We also love to try new cuisines from Korean street food to French haute cuisine.


Now that we have just empty nested, we are living a minimalist lifestyle, hitting the road in our quest to impact lives.


Rossana is a life-long learner with multiple career pivots, with her current focus on leadership development and life coaching. During her 10 years living, working, and raising her 3 school aged boys with David in East Asia, she developed a career as a nationally known author and speaker on marriage, family, and education, becoming a thought leader in these domains. Rossana can be seen being interviewed on national TV and other national print, radio, and internet media. Her Sina blog has hosted over 1.7 million visitors and her Weibo (Chinese twitter) has a following of over 200K subscribers. She has authored five bestselling books and co-authored three books with David. Additionally, she has authored over 700 articles and numerous videos and online classes in Chinese. English versions of her books can be found under “Resources”.

Because of Rossana’s technology background, she has acquired a range of technical skills both through classroom, work, and self-learning. She was part of 3 startups, two of which had successful exits. Rossana’s primary passion is people. As a result, she has always been involved in activities that involved people, from organizing large scale community events, recruiting, training and team building to sales & marketing. Rossana has always been comfortable in leadership roles and loves to mentor and develop leaders. 

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David is a technology business leader with 30+ years of experience working in various R&D, product strategy and business development roles spanning three countries. He was last part of a new enterprise AI product initiative, a precursor to ChatGPT, at Microsoft in the Seattle area. In his 12 years at Microsoft he has led Asia Pacific R&D operations, founded an award-winning Startup Accelerator and launched Azure Cognitive Services. David enjoys mentoring and coaching leaders and building high performance organizations. He is a lifelong learner and is really good at problem solving. 

During the 10 years he lived in East Asia David was involved in several church planting efforts, three of which appointed him elder. In his 30 plus years as a Christian he has led worship ministry, served as an elder and discipled young leaders, taught classes to equip the saints, consulted with churches and ministries on strategic planning and organizational development. David is passionate about Coram Deo, living an integrated life where work is sacred and meaningful. He served on the board of a missions organization and is currently part of the Executive Team. In his spare time, he enjoys the outdoors and reading. David is dreaming about going on a prayer journey along the Silk Road by 2030.

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