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We are passionate about growing people and developing leaders, whether that’s in the context of the home, a multinational corporation, social media thought leadership, or a community organization. Your success is our delight!


We are trading in a comfortable suburban lifestyle of comfort for a simpler lifestyle. Our quest is to live with a minimal material footprint but maximum impact on the lives that are brought into our lives.


Our Mission Statement: 

Empowering families to step into their divine destiny!

With an I3 Focus: Intimacy, Identity, Impact.

By knowing your maker, yourself, and your mission

Through cultivating your relationships with God, self, spouse, and others.

We would like to help you experience a transformation: 

from performance to delight, 

from doing to being.


David and Rossana are both fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese, have lived, worked, and traveled to many cities in the four continents within their lifetime. They raised their three boys in three of those countries. As a result of the breadth of their experiences as well as having received training in multiple streams of Christian traditions, they are able to offer perspectives and tools for your life and professional challenges in whatever life stage you are facing. They have jointly received training in the areas of counseling, spiritual direction, career development, startup of companies, technology, sales, and management, and life coaching. They seek to serve and coach you in a holistic way that includes every aspect of your family unit.


David and Rossana have a variety of interests individually and together. We can speak on topics ranging from tech, startups, and China to marriage, family, education, marketplace theology, prayer, business as missions, and a variety of topics. Contact us regarding your interest and our availability and we can see if there would be a good fit for us to come speak at your company, church, or group.


David and Rossana love traveling to all corners of the world. They have programs ranging from 3, 5, to 7 day tours or residential programs where they teach and mentor you in marriage, family, or other matters related to your life, career, or spirituality. Whether it's just a couple, a family, or a group, ask us about what your "guided inner tour" might look like.

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