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"Your sharing helped me to understand a higher level of parenting. All the feelings I was unable to articulate was suddenly crystal clear!"

"If I had learned about TCKs earlier, I would not have been so confused."


"Even though there are increasing numbers of immigrant families, overseas Chinese is still a minority. Rossana’s sharing targeted at these bilingual families is like much needed, timely rain. . . As someone who graduated with an education specialization, your sharing touched and resonated deeply with me."


"I once thought that we overseas Chinese were just flowstone that survived in the cracks of society. Rossana’s sharing helped me to suddenly see the light. The world belongs to these TCKs. "


I would not hesitate to recommend David to any organization seeking an exceptional high tech executive with innate leadership skills, product insights and international experience. David embodies all the qualities sought by top companies to build thriving teams, a positive culture and deliver products/programs to market. 

As the founder and managing director of Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Beijing, David assembled a great team, attracted top caliber entrepreneurs and investors, and built the #1 performing accelerator in China. Graduates of the accelerator program under David's tutelage now represent in excess of $250M in market value. David managed a rigorous program, providing transparent feedback and insight to entrepreneurs. Additionally, David is fluent in both English and Chinese, and well connected to the US and Chinese VC ecosystems.

More importantly, David is a humble individual, espousing the highest moral and ethical standards, endearing the trust and admiration of his fellow colleagues and team.  

I would gladly pursue an opportunity to work with David again in the future.


Chief Business Development Officer at Pushpay


Everyone was beyond impressed with Rossana’s insights about Chinese Business Etiquette. Her presentation drew the audience in and held their attention throughout the program. Her presentation style was professional, energetic, and educational - I highly recommend her!


Senior Manager for Global Engagement

Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle


I have known David and Rossana for 29 years: as employees, part of my wedding party, elders in our church, missionaries sent from our church, consultants for us and lifelong friends. Through these years, we’ve laughed, cried, prayed and believed for more: for ourselves and our marriages, our children, our church, and many people we’ve met and ministered to in the nations of the world. And their intelligence, integrity, humor, insight and passion for God has always been a light for my heart and encouragement to my soul. I’m quite excited by this new step for David and Rossana: what fun and what lessons lie ahead for us all!


Lead Pastor, Epicentre Church


Many parenting talks are mostly one way communication or heavy on concepts. David and Rossana's parenting talk was not only lively, based on solid theoretical foundation, and contains an abundance of positive and negative personal examples, but also leaves plenty of opportunities for on the spot interaction between family members to put to practice what is being demonstrated. Through helping whole families practice and achieve communication breakthrough together, their talk brings real improvement to family relationships. Today's family relationships are often either broken or weak. David and Rossana's willingness to open themselves up to share their own journey provides signposts for building family relationships with real life and specific examples. This is such a blessing to today's marriages and families!


Children & Family Ministry @Evangelical Chinese Church

We invited David & Rossana to our church to conduct a workshop about "Disciple Making at Home - What & How".    It was a very special workshop which involved both parents and children together.  Our Children ministry would really like to have parents be able to disciple their own children – who are the most important disciples in their lives.   It was great to see parents and children engaged and communicating with each other in discussion.  We had so much to learn in that two hours session.   David & Rossana are excellent speakers with humble attitude in serving the Lord.  They  equipped us with practical, easy to follow and simple ways that even our elementary kids can comprehend and reflect on.  It is such a blessing to have both David & Rossana who have a bi-cultural and bilingual background to speak to our diverse congregations.  They have set a good example of having husband and wife engage together in godly parenting.   We invited them back to speak to our youth parents a month after.  I hope to arrange another time to invite them back to teach us again soon.  What a blessing and honor to get to know them!  May God bless their family and ministry. 


Children Director, ECC Redmond


David Lin provided consulting for a number of department heads here at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. David provided solid direction and insight which has aided in our building a productive cross functional team environment within our marketing, media and IT departments.

Thank you David for your investment in our teams.


Head of Media Production & Team Leadership at IHOPKC

David & Rossana Lin are man and woman of integrity and wisdom. They embody personal touch, prophetic discernment, professional expertise and purposeful vision in their communication, counsel and coaching. I am blessed to be their friends and greatly benefited from their skills and experience in life and works.


CEO, International House of Prayer (IHOPKC)

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