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Some Topics We Spoke On Together

  • Master, Mission, & Mate

  • Zipper Marriage

  • Cultivating a Happy & Healthy Marriage

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Financial Stewardship: Realign and Crown Financial

  • Treasure Principles

  • 4T Stewardship Principles

  • Josh McDowell’s 6A’s of Parenting

  • Third Culture Kids

  • Give Your Child A Gap Year

  • Families Can Change the World

  • How Does My Family Change the World?

  • Who Stole My Rest?

  • Let Every Home Give Thanks

Some Topics Rossana Spoke On

  • Children Etiquette (40 classes)

  • Business Etiquette (10 classes)

  • How Can Parents Grow?

  • Managing Emotions

  • Rossana’s Lessons on Motherhood

  • Whose Needs Come First in Education? Parents or Children?

  • Parenting with an Abundance Mindset

  • Overcoming Anxiety in Parenting

  • Welcoming the Challenges of Different Stages of Chinese & American Education with an Abundance Mindset

  • Leaving Behind the Anxieties of Competition in Education

  • Teaching Critical Thinking in the Home

  • Wise Love for Teens

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Use of Electronic Devices in the Home

Some Topics David Spoke On
  • Human Centric Design 

  • Lean Startup for entrepreneurs 

  • Social entrepreneurship 

  • Coram Deo: integrating work and faith for a holistic life 

  • Inductive Bible Study 

  • God@work, theology of work and applications 

  • Worship Ministry in the local church 

  • Prayer ministry 

  • Inner healing 

  • Hearing God’s voice 

  • Sabbath 

  • Power of Blessings 

  • Prayer walking 

  • Prophetic ministry 

  • Tentmaking and missions 

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