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I was stuck in a process and having difficulty moving forward. I had recently started a blog that I had difficulty continuing. With Rossana's help, she asked me thoughtful and poignant questions that made me challenge my thinking and direction for this blog.


As a verbal processor, I was able to articulate those thoughts out loud and realized the steps I needed to go forward. Her coaching gave me the push and encouragement needed to keep going. Sometimes, that's all it takes... for someone to come in and get that motor running again. The accountability was great to have as well. She followed up with me to make sure that our talk resulted in actionable items.


Now, I'm inspired to move forward and have joy in the process that I once felt was a drag. Thank you Rossana for your instrumental assistance in helping me progress in my blog process. I appreciate it!




Great listener. I felt listened to and heard- you mirrored back the information and also the feelings associated with what I was saying which was so great for trust building. You are a great trust builder.


Highlighted key points. You somehow listened to a jumble of information and bring forward meaningful highlights. It helped me mentally sort through to find what is important Empathetic. While you didn't share much of your own personal story it felt like you understood what I was saying in a deep way Forward looking: the session ended with me feeling forward looking and showing me where I could influence my situation. That was extremely helpful.


I wish I could hear more of your story. I feel like it is rich and deep and I could learn so much. I loved when you would switch hats to be a spiritual director / counseling / mentor too. In a way you have so many hats you could wear, that I can see you doing any of those roles effectively. 


The greatest result for me was revisiting and being reminded of my core values, and then afterwards taking time to reflect on them with God, and also with my husband- and then reflect on how those values will lead my life moving forward. Hearing a part of your journey was incredibly encouraging, and helped remind me of the faithfulness of God, and the way He can and does break in sometimes and leads us in ways we don't expect.


I left with a renewed vision to put family first, and to invest in my future family and children, and to lean again into the sovereignty of God and His process in my life. Your questions were helpful to recall ways God has spoken or moved in times past, and remind me of things He has done before to encourage me for how He will move again. I also left with resources that I plan to read and do (the personality tests, and making of a leader) The questions also helped me to ask the questions of what is important for me moving forward (as far as values, and what I will prioritize) I really feel the Holy Spirit led you in our time, and He used your words to speak to me and encourage me in this incredibly confusing and tough season. 

I've wrestled with a personal family issue for over a year, tossing back and forth with a decision that had lifelong impact. Talking to Rossana not only helped me identify external factors, she helped me to push them aside and seek God's voice in the midst of my internal storm. She asked strategic questions that directed me to what's most important and brought me back to the core of the issue, my faith in God to work beyond what I had hoped or imagine. I only wished we had more time and would probably suggest a face to face meeting or try using a video conference like FaceTime or Skype.



The coaching session challenged me to think differently. I shared about having big hopes and dreams for my life and for the future, but not exactly sure what those hopes and dreams are. You shared from your own life experiences about whether or not people who have ordinary jobs all their lives and don’t have big dreams would be enough. Or if I see the struggles that accompany the glory.


I think I am still wrestling with that question of what dreams does God have for me, but I do feel I am in more of a place of peace. You prayed for me and asked me to ask God what He thinks of me, and that was really powerful, and a great tool for me to ask myself on a daily basis.


I remember reading the chart showing the differences between coaching/mentoring. You put both hats on during our time, which I deeply appreciate. You did a great job of listening and asking great questions such as making some tangible steps towards pursuing my dream.


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